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Give your Sales Team the Financing Tools they need to close more deals.
Dick Clark's financing website and the new calculation software has greatly increased our ability to service customers timely and accurately. It has also been a great tool for our salesman who are constantly on the road and need immediate assistance. Ryan, Texsource, Inc.

Deals fail when customers think they can't afford it

Eliminate that objection up front. By offering a competitive financing option, you can break down the total price into manageable monthly payments. Then show how the equipment can pay for itself.

Without financing, 1/3 of your customers may look to your competition

80% of companies lease some or all of their equipment. More than a third of all equipment in the US is leased. If you don't offer financing, your customers will have to look to your competition to get what they need.

Avoid the Cash Flow Crunch

Purchasing equipment typically requires large up-front investments. Many growing business don't have the cash flow available - limiting their purchase options. With many no-money-down leasing options available, you provide your customers the equipment they really need without effecting their cash flow.

DCA Is Your Finance Solutions Partner

Let DCA bring 30 years of experience to meet your customers' needs.

In House Financing Partner

Bring financing in house and close the deal while your customer is sitting with you. Partnering with DCA allows you to offer competitive financing solutions to your customers before they have a chance to change their mind.

We'll Train your Sales Team

Not an expert in financing? Don't worry. A relationship with DCA is a true partnership. We'll train your sales team to use our financing tools and educate them on how to use financing as a sales tool. You'll also get a dedicated finance consultant to work directly with your customers and answer any of your questions.

A DCA Partnership Offers

  • Simple and fast applications.
  • Nationwide programs for all 50 States and Canada
  • Real time updates when we communicate with your customer.
  • Dedicated finance manager to consult with your customer and answer any questions.
DCA is the nicest, most professional leasing company in the world. Bud Hoffman, Extrusion Division Sales
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Private Label Tools

When you partner with DCA you have access to all of our marketing tools including quotes, payment calculators, tax savings analysis and online applications.

  • Provide instant and accurate quotes to your customers.
  • Submit applications directly from your office.
  • Embed the tools in your website and allow customers to apply online.
  • Use your own branding and layout to provide a seamless experience for your visitors - just as if you created the tools yourself.

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